Where do you get your items?

Our inventory comes to us from local Sioux Falls resident’s finer homes; although we have received items from Mitchell, Rapid City, Yankton, Vermillion, cities in Iowa and Minnesota. These are people who are moving into a smaller living situation, or downsizing; moving out of state or have chosen to purchase different furniture but feel what they still have is of good quality and do not want to donate it.

Do you buy items for cash?

Typically we only consign. Exceptions can be made in certain situations. However you will receive more by consigning your items than taking cash.

How often do you receive merchandise?

We receive items on a daily basis. You can always check our website. We update it every time new furniture items come in.

Can I take a piece home and try it out before I buy it?

Because we do not own the merchandise, we can only allow cushions and arm covers to be checked-out. We have a one day hold policy if you wish to take measurements and bring something from home to match with the item to determine if the item will work in your home’s décor.

Can I purchase just one piece of a set of furniture?

If the price tag states that the furniture is being sold as a set, we cannot sell just a portion.

What is your return policy?

Because we do not own the merchandise, we do not have a refund policy. Items are sold ‘as is’ and all sales are final.

If I purchase an item, how long can it stay in your store before I need to take possession of it?

Due to the large volume of furniture coming through our doors, we can only keep items at the store until the weekend following purchase. If longer than 7 days there will be a storage fee assessed.

When are your sales?

We do not have sales at our store. The resale prices on our merchandise are such a value, that most items sell within just a few weeks of arriving here.

Consigning your items:

What is the Commission Split?

The commission split is 50/50.

Will my items get marked down?

Yes, we reduce items 15% - 20% at 4 weeks, then again at 8 weeks. At 12 weeks we call and notify you that you have 7 days to pick up your item or if you choose you can donate it. We typically donate furniture items to the Furniture Mission.

How do I get paid for my items?

You will receive a check at the end of the next month following the sale of your item. (Example: If your item sells in January, you will receive a check at the end of February, providing the amount is over $25. Any amounts under $25 can be picked up anytime after the sale.)

Who sets the selling price?

Resale Living has the final say on pricing, however, we consult the consignor prior to the items coming to the store.

How long do you keep my items?

Typically we have a 90 day consignment period, however we reserve the right to give notice to have an item removed or donated at any time.

Are my items insured while in your store?

Your homeowners insurance will be responsible for your items as long as you own them regardless of where they are.

What if I haven’t had time to clean my furniture before bringing it to the store?

There will be a fee charged if our associates have to spend time cleaning and making your items ready for sale. This is only fair since the commission split is even and Resale Living has the additional expenses of cleaning supplies and labor.

Is there a fee charged if my item does not sell and I have to take it back in 90 days?

No, providing the item is picked up within 7 days of being notified. There will be a charge of 10% if the item remains in the store longer than 7 days. This fee will have to be settled before the item is removed.

What if I move out of the area and my items haven’t sold in 90 days?

The consignment period is 90 days. You will have 7 days once notified to remove your items if they haven’t sold, or agree to donation. If you are unable to have it picked it up, it becomes the property of Resale Living and will be donated.