Pickup and Delivery Policy

We do not pick up or deliver ourselves at Resale Living; however we do offer the name of a moving company that we respect and use frequently. You must contact them for rates and availability and pay them directly.

Rick Rosario

You can also call any moving company of your choice.

When DELIVERING furniture, please keep in mind that just because you are getting rid of what you don’t want, doesn’t mean that it should be thrown in the back of a pick up truck with no protection or secure ties to allow it to slide all over the truck. If you want Resale Living to sell your items for you it needs to arrive in near perfect condition. If Resale Living must clean, touch up, repair or in any way fix your items, you will be charged accordingly.

When PICKING UP furniture that you have purchased you must also remember to bring blankets, plastic, ties, straps or anything else required to protect your item from damage in your truck. Resale Living does not provide moving blankets, tie-downs or straps.


And last but certainly not least; it is important that you bring muscle to load or unload your furniture. We have owned and operated Resale Living for over 6 years and we are not body-builders or strong enough to lift most furniture pieces into the back of a pick-up. (That is why we spend over $1000 every year on “Furniture Sliders” to move furniture around the store every day!) YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN HELP!!